Programming Posters

Creative Coding in the realms of Graphic Design

Note: This course is currently in development. Come back later to check for updates!

The printed poster, the major medium for visual communication in public space for centurys, experiences fundamental transformations. The „Poster 3.0“ is much more than a surface with type, colors and images on it: It is an interactive application, animated, audible, data-driven and intermedial. It involves all senses and disciplines. And it melts together graphic design with cutting edge technologies.

Hey! Great to have you here! This course will teach you the fundamentals of Graphic Design in Processing: Here we’ll talk all about all the important features you probably know from the design-software of your choice. You’ll understand that the creative possibilities of “programmed posters” are stunning, because a whole new aspect comes into the play: The power of interactivity.

Let’s get started!

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