Grid List

Creative Coding Essentials

The starting point of the curriculum, made for beginners.

Sketching with Code

Learn best practices for a fluent and smooth sketching process

Mastering the For-Loop

A deep dive into For-Loops in Processing and p5.js


Learn to utilize waves for motion graphics in Processing and p5.js

Bauhaus Coding Workshop

A collection of creative exercises, based on the teachings in the preliminary course at the Bauhaus in Weimar.


Fundamentals in text and kinetic typography with Processing and p5.js

Images and Pixels

All you need to know to work with Images in Processing and p5.js.

Copy and Paste

Exploring the copy-function in Processing and p5.js

The Third Dimension

A brief introduction to 3D enviroments in Processing

Basic Datastructures

Fundamental principles of Arrays in Processing and p5.js

Grid Systems

In this course you will learn how to use two-dimensional grids for a variety of design applications.

Modulo Mixtape

The modulo operator is a magical little tool that can be used to achieve many different effects and solve several […]

Form follows Music

An exemplary introduction to generative design and data visualization.

Advanced Layout Techniques

A deep dive into PGraphics

ASCII Adventures

This course is about the aesthetic potential of ASCII typography. Specifically, in this course you’ll learn how to develop your […]