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Our world is changing at a breathtaking pace. New technologies cause fundamental transfor­mations. Now is the time to get creative! To find new ways to deal with change and disruption. To discover, evaluate and develop new, valuable opportunities.

Creative Coding symbolizes the link between the arts and playful software-development. In this intersection an unexplored, fascinating universe comes to life. A space where young creatives can grow and learn how to master major challenges of their future.

With Creative Coding you can move around in any medium as needed, using one and the same tool: code. In doing so, you learn in a visual way the otherwise difficult to learn principles of programming. And programming is a key to unexplored territories in art, in design and in business.


Since 2002 there is a great technology available, which makes the entrance into programming for creative people very easy. It is called Processing.

With Processing you can get started immediately, the output is always visual and therefore easy to understand. At the same time, Processing is a mature technology and has been used for almost 20 years for small and large projects worldwide. I myself have used it in recent years to implement projects for clients such as the New York Times, Springer-Verlag, Festival Aural (Mexico City) and various cultural institutions.

Processing offers an extensive documentation, a forum that has grown over decades and an active community with meetups and events around the world. These are some of the reasons, why I use Processing for my teaching.

I made it my business to make Creative Coding accessible and experienceable with this platform. My goal is to build up an international community of Generative Designers and Creative Technologists.

With your support on Patreon you will contribute to this project and get access to my courses and all upcoming live events. We do Q&A-sessions twice a month, mostly with a highly inspiring guest.

I wish you a lot of fun and look forward to meet you!


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