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My biggest inspiration for developing my courses and this project has always been my teaching at universities. In the courses and workshops I have given at various institutions all over Europe, I have realized that a strong project, a good idea for a course acts like glue for the group: At its best, it leads to very effective learning, valuable collaborations, friendly competition, and a strong sense of “we”. And this is the challenge i love: Defining a project framework, that sparks excitement, curiosity and creativity.

Recently, I have been asking myself intensively how I can also implement this experience in my online community. That’s why I’ve developed a whole new format that I call “Quests”.

This joint work with my students was the most beautiful experience of all for me! I was able to observe how they developed over the course of the semester, how they pushed their own boundaries again and again. I thought long and hard about how I could bring this experience to my online-community, and out of that thought came my new format: Quests!

At the end of each month I will send you a creative challenge for the following month via Patreon. This challenge will work like an open creative brief. I will give you a few formal design parameters to help keep you on track. Within that framework, it’s up to you, how you come up with creative solutions and visualizations.

On Friday (2022-02-25) you will get the first Quest from me. Can’t wait to hear your opinions!

PS: Tagging on social media is highly appreciated! With a tag you can actively support this platform. Please use #timrodenbroeker and/or @tim_rodenbroeker. Many thanks! 🙏

Published by Tim on Sunday February 20, 2022

Last modified on May 29th, 2022 at 20:56


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