Job: Project “Hybrid Curriculum”

Hey, I’m totally glad you’re interested in helping me develop my platform. This project is very important to me and all about preparing the curriculum for p5.js as well, so that all lessons and courses can be used equally for p5.js and Processing. Since Processing and p5.js are quite similar, this is theoretically very easy to do.

Job description

Tasks in this project include:

  • Reviewing all lessons
  • Identifying lessons where things are a little different in p5.js
  • Writing short texts and code snippets
  • Testing lesson content in p5.js
  • Writing recommendations for lesson improvements

I use a Trello board to manage this project. When you decide to work on this project with me, I’ll send you an invite link. ✌️


  • I’ll can you based on an hourly rate.
  • The important thing is that you write me an invoice that briefly states what you have done.