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Together with Cihan Tamti, Lars Harmsen (Slanted Magazine) and the students of my class at FH Dortmund, i’ve designed and developed this campaign for the fifth edition of the “Editorial Lab”, a design-symposium at FH Dortmund, welcoming prestigious speakers this year:

Johannes Erler (Büro Johannes Erler), Julian Zimmermann (Deutsche und Japaner), Felix Pfäffli (Studio Feixen) and Jakob Feigl (Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin).

I’ve developed the poster-design-application with Processing to enable my students, the speakers and my colleagues to create an individual version of the poster by writing or drawing additional informations on top of the informal layer. Through this idea, we were abled to generate a huge variety of posts for any social media channel.


A prototype for a browser-based design-application, built with p5.js and vue.js.


A time in space-experience

Programming Posters

Creative Coding in the realms of Graphic Design

La Luz Negra

Custom design-software for CCCB Barcelona

The Bach-Project

Generative visuals made from the “Prelude in C” by Johann Sebastian Bach.


An interactive music experience for the web-browser