Expanding Systems

„Day25“ is an audiovisual remix of the „Prelude in C“ (BWV 846) by Johann Sebastian Bach. All scenes have been generated with software-algorithms, based on the raw musical data. The result is an abstract video-collage in black and white, reacting to the soundtrack that has been produced specifically for this work. Artificial dust particles and flickering scene-transitions deliberately reference early film experiments by Hans Richter.

The video is my contribution to the “Expanding Systems”-exhibition at the APT-Gallery in London, which has been curated by Brigitte Parusel. It showcases artworks by Casey Reas, Patrik Hübner, Francesca Franco, Fiona Grady, Hanz Hancock, Michael Iveson, Patrick Morrissey, Goia Mujalli, Charley Peters and Students from Goldsmiths University of London MA Computational Arts.

Expanding Systems
26 January to 18 February 2018
APT Gallery London

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Tim Roden­bröker is driven by the elemen­tary con­cepts of graphic design, creativity- tech­niques and the poten­tial of computer-programming. After studying communi­cation design in Münster and Lisbon he dis­covered creative coding as a power­ful tool to enter new, unex­plored terri­tories. Beyond syntax, func­tions and variables he conti­nues to dis­cover infi­nite possible app­lications.

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