Flow 2017

“Flow” is a Processing-based short-film that shows the motion of sinewave-algorhythms in a three-dimensional space. The music was composed through a visual score and it’s fully synchronized to the video-layer. The film was created for the PSD-Medienfassade, a 14 x 14 meters tall LED-wall which is integrated into the architecture of the PSD-Bank in Münster. The music of the video can be streamed via an app for the smartphone.

The video has been shown as a part of the exhibition “All Of The Above” (2017) at the “Elephant Room Gallery” in Chicago.

Tim Rodenbröker is driven by the ele­men­tary con­cepts of graphic design, crea­tivity-techniques and the potential of computer-pro­gramming. After studying com­muni­cation design in Münster and Lis­bon he dis­covered creative coding as a power­ful tool to enter new, unex­plored terri­tories. Beyond syntax, functions and variables he continues to discover infinite possible appli­cations.

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Elephant Room Gallery Chicago (2017)
APT Gallery London (2018)
Platine Festival Cologne