La Luz Negra

Commissioned by TwoPoints.Net i’ve developed a web-based design-software for the visual identity of the exhibition “La Luz Negra” at the “Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona”. The application enables visitors to create individual floral patterns based on the strict design rules of the visual identity. As a part of a social media campaign, people got the chance to win various prices through posting their creations on any social media-platform.

Later on i took the software-development a step further and created a custom animation-software based on the same design-principles. The result is a short animation video showcasing the full potencial of the visual system. It had been used as the official video-teaser for the exhibition.

“La Luz Negra” showcases works by Antoni Tàpies, Agnes Martin, Henri Michaux, Joseph Beuys, Ulla von Brandenburg, William S. Burroughs, Joan Jonas, Jordan Belson, Goshka Macuga, Kenneth Anger, Rudolf Steiner, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Francesco Clemente i Zush.


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