LoFi Poster Machine

A quick prototype for a web-based poster-design-application, proofing that graphic-design-tools can definitely be built with web-technologies. Developing web-based design-tools has many advantages:

  • They are accessible to anyone on any device
  • They restrict the user to stay in a predefined visual system
  • More or less “beautiful” output is ensured
  • Can be used for social-media-campaigns
  • “User-generated content” for brand-communication
  • They can be deployed as real desktop- and/or mobile-apps
  • High-resolution output

Built with vanilla Javascript and p5.js. For any kind of commission please get in touch with me: post@timrodenbroeker.de

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Fabio Cat
Martin Lorenz (TwoPoints.Net)
Lidia Panio
James L. Hubbell
Lupi Asensio (TwoPoints.Net)
Thomas K. Kronbichler (Studio Mut)
Carl Ohh
Lisa H Moura
Lisa H Moura
Lisa H Moura
Tim Rodenbröker
Mike Linas Gottlob
Katja Rempel
Clément Ducerf


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