An experimental Javascript-application, displaying the full text of Hermann Hesse’s famous book “Siddhartha”. The algorithm parses the content of the book and slices it to an array of sentences, for each sentence a generative layout gets displayed. The user navigates either through clicking the layout itself or the navigation at the bottom of the application-viewport, which represents the whole content of the book as a timeline.

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    Programming Posters

    Creative Coding in the realms of Graphic Design

    La Luz Negra

    Custom design-software for CCCB Barcelona

    The Bach-Project

    Generative visuals made from the “Prelude in C” by Johann Sebastian Bach.


    An interactive music experience for the web-browser

    Crazy Cool Developers

    A community for experimental front-end-development with more than 2000 members

    The Grid

    An experimental web-application, displaying news from the New York Times archive

    Tonboutique Designer

    A custom cover-design-software for Tonboutique Records

    Redrawing Images

    Digital, animated 3d-objects based on photographs by Ivana Marija Hope

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