Throwback: My Talk at Demo Festival 2022

Published by Tim on Tuesday July 9, 2024


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The next edition of the DEMO Festival is already approaching and I am currently developing a brand new talk for it. Now I just realized that I’ve never posted the rehearsal recording of the talk I gave in 2022, titled “The New Demoscene”. So, here it is!

The Demoscene is a fascinating culture, kind of a predecessor of the Creative Coding community nowadays. And not only that: Even though the DEMO Festival (Design in Motion Festival) officially has nothing to do with the Demoscene, it can clearly be seen as a contemporary, wide-ranging development of what has been referred to as “the demoscene” since the 1990s. It has always been about exploring technological boundaries in motion design, about showing what is possible with the tools of the time. I find this parallel very exciting and surprising.

Photo by Aad Hoogendorn.

Especially today, when high-tech tools give the deceptive impression that human thinking and human creativity are obsolete, it makes sense to utilize boundaries and limitations, to reduce the noise and human creativity back in the foreground. If necessary with a little help from AI, but always in the right place.

Now that I’m writing about it, it’s becoming increasingly clear to me that the idea for 128kb basically came about through my involvement with the demo scene. As you can see, many threads come together here.

Enjoy the talk!


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