4 alternative, free and well-curated resources for images, fonts and data


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I passionately collect a special kind of media in a huge dropbox-folder: Resources that are free to use, not copyrighted and (in the best case) in the public domain. Why? Because i wanna ensure that i do not break any copyrights and respect the artistic property.

Interestingly this led me to gigantic, precious resources that heavily influenced my work. In this video i share my most favorite sites for free images, fonts, datasets and APIs.


The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

A huge, digital archive of ancient artworks, perfectly documented, with pretty good search- and filter-functions.


Awesome Public Datasets

The definitive list of of open datasets and APIs. 30.000 Stars on Github!


The Public Domain Review

A well-curated collection of historic images, audio-files, illustrations, videos and texts, sorted by topics.


Open Foundry

A font-collection, curated by one of my favourite digital agencies: International Magic


Published by Tim on Sunday January 6, 2019

Last modified on October 19th, 2020 at 12:01


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