Welcome! My name is Tim and I em­power aspiring creatives by teaching creative coding in the realms of graphic design.
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Music video for “Choreographs” – Slate and Ash’s new software instrument


DEMO Festival 2022 was a blast


Llum Negra/ La Luz Negra / Black Light


Creative Coding Essentials

An introductory course to Creative Coding, covering the most important topics, both for Processing and p5.js

Bauhaus Coding Workshop

A collection of creative assignments, based on the teachings in the preliminary course at the Bauhaus in Weimar.

The Third Dimension

A brief introduction to 3D enviroments in Processing

Mastering the For-Loop

A deep dive into For-Loops in Processing


Learn to utilize waves for motion graphics in Processing


Fundamentals in text and kinetic typography with Processing.

Images and Pixels

All you need to know to work with Images in Processing and p5.js.

Copy and Paste

Exploring the copy-function in Processing

Basic Datastructures

Fundamental principles of Arrays in Processing

Grid Systems

In this course you will learn how to use two-dimensional grids for a variety of design applications.

Form follows Music

An intro to data visualization.

Advanced Layout Techniques

A deep dive into PGraphics

ASCII Adventures

This course is about the aesthetic potential of ASCII typography. Specifically, in this course you’ll learn how to develop your […]

Programming Posters

Creative Coding in the realms of Graphic Design

User Interfaces with p5.js

One of the big advantages of p5.js compared to Processing is that you can quite easily create user interfaces to […]

Sketching Strategies

Learn how to plan and execute self-initiated, explorative projects in Creative Coding and beyond

I challenged Daniel Shiffman and here’s his response

Tutorials unlisted

Processing-Tutorial: A Grid of Arcs


Processing-Tutorial: Exploring Wave-Figures


Interactive Grid System (Livestream)


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Frequently asked

What is Creative Coding?

That’s a great question! I gave my best to answer it with this blogpost.

I want to follow a few of your courses; I was wondering how long on average they take?

That’s cool! The courses are not too long. The focus of the curriculum is, to provide a low barrier access to Creative Coding. How long it takes to go through a course is based on how intense you study and how much time you spent.

I have upgraded my level on Patreon from “Supporter” to “Student” but it looks like i still don’t have access to all courses. What’s wrong?

Hey, I am very sorry for this convenience, until now i was unable to implement an automatic user-level-upgrade on my website so this has to be done by hand when i get an automatic e-mail about this. I check for these e-mail regularly, at least every few hours. I know, this sucks! i am working on it!

You can accelerate the process by sending me a direct message on Patreon, then i’ll receive a notification on my phone.

Sorry again!

Enjoy the journey!

Why do you use Processing for your teaching?

The Processing programming language has a long history and has gathered a huge global community over the last 20 years. Processing is the best documented and most widely used technology for creative coding. The principles of Processing are extremely well elaborated and have been adapted by many other languages.

At the same time, Processing is not limited to any particular medium and can be used for almost any output imaginable. With p5.js, there is now a stable technology directly from the Processing ecosystem that can be used to implement interactive experiences on the web. Processing is fundamentally much more than just a language. It is a way of thinking. And because this technology has been around for 20 years and is exceptionally stable,

How to connect my Patreon-account with Discord?

As a patron in the Student-tier, you also get access to the events on our Discord-channel. Therefore you have to connect your Patreon-account with the Discord-server. Don’t worry, it’s not hard and there is an easy tutorial for this. Once you have connected your Patreon-account with Discord, your username will become yellow. That’s it!

Click here to get more help

Do you record the online-events?

Hey, i love to hear that you are interested in our events. Unfortunately, I can not record tem, otherwise I would violate the privacy of the participants. I am very sorry!

I have a coding question. Could you please help me out?

Hey! I’d love to but unfortunately i don’t have the time to do so. But we have this very cool Discord-server where you can share your questions with the community. There are some very smart people in there who love to tackle complicated problems.

Click here to learn more about my Discord-server

Are you open for freelance-projects?

Yep, basically i am open for projects and if i can’t do the job myself, i have a network of partners that i can possibly connect you with.

Just drop me a line!