I empower young creatives by teaching creative coding and computational thinking in the realms of communication and design.

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21. November 2020

Out now: Typemachines

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that my course Typemachines is finally recorded completely and ready to […]

10. November 2020

Future Plans

Dear community, i think this is a great moment to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for […]

18. October 2020

Branding the Q&A-Sessions

Dynamic Visual Identity


1Creative Coding Essentials

(29 Lessons) A rock-solid foundation for artists and designers. Learn the legendary programming-language Processing quickly and kickoff your path as a Creative Technologist.

2Bauhaus Coding Workshop

(15 Lessons) A collection of creative assignments, based on the teachings of Johannes Itten, László Moholy-Nagy and Josef Albers in preliminary course at the Bauhaus in Weimar.
Work In Progress

3The Third Dimension

(12 Lessons) A brief introduction to 3D enviroments in Processing


(16 Lessons) Fundamentals in text and kinetic typography with Processing.
Work In Progress

5Grid Systems

(6 Lessons) Grid systems are not only an elementary component in communication design and serve in many cases as a principle of […]
Work In Progress

6Visual Synthesizer

(7 Lessons) Learn how to build interactive applications with Processing


25. September 2020

Processing-Tutorial – Programming Posters

Some of you have asked for it, so here it is: A raw and uncut tutorial in which I explain […]

4. September 2020

Bauhaus 101 – A beginners Processing Tutorial

Hi and welcome to this very condensed and quick tutorial that aims to get you amazed for Creative Coding in […]

20. August 2020

How to use p5.js with Visual Studio Code

In this short tutorial i explain how you can use p5.js with Visual Studio Code. For this purpose, i’ll use […]

27. July 2020

The Magic Triangle

The Magic Triangle is a powerful creativity technique that can be applied to many different areas.

20. March 2020

Processing-Tutorial: Rasterize 3D

In this tutorial I show you how to create abstract 3D portraits from any image file. Here you will learn […]

6. December 2019

Processing-Tutorial: Image-Rasterizer

Level: Beginner & intermediate In this tutorial i’ll guide you through all the necessary steps to rasterize an image with […]

4. November 2019

Processing-Tutorial: WAVES pt. 1

This is the first part of a brand new tutorial-series about Waves, a fundamental skill and feature in Generative Design […]

16. April 2019

Processing-Tutorial: Kinetic Typography 1

In the last years i’ve observed a new tendency in typography and graphic design which has been made possible by […]

14. April 2019

Processing-Tutorial: Video Export

One of the most powerful features of Processing in comparison to all web-based approaches and frameworks (like p5.js) is the […]

1. March 2019

How to rasterize an image with Processing

In this post i’ll teach you how to access the data of an image and how to use it to […]