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7Programming Posters

(11 Lessons) Creative Coding in the realms of Graphic Design
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6Grid Systems

(6 Lessons) Grid systems are not only an elementary component in art, architecture and design and serve in many cases as a […]


(17 Lessons) Fundamentals in text and kinetic typography with Processing.
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4Mastering the For-Loop

(5 Lessons) A deep dive into For-Loops in Processing
Work In Progress

3The Third Dimension

(11 Lessons) A brief introduction to 3D enviroments in Processing

2Bauhaus Coding Workshop

(15 Lessons) A collection of creative assignments, based on the teachings in the preliminary course at the Bauhaus in Weimar.

1Creative Coding Essentials

(29 Lessons) A rock-solid foundation for artists and designers. Learn the legendary programming-language Processing quickly and kickoff your path as a Creative Technologist.