Hey, great to have you here! On this page you will find all important info about our Creative Coding community.

Our communication runs primarily via Discord. There you can find channels about many different topics around and beyond Creative Coding. Additionally there are online events, in which you can participate: Meetups take place via a video call on Discord, livestreams run via Youtube. I recommend that you subscribe to the calendar so that you don't miss any events. As a member you get access to the Stream Archive, with the corresponding code packages.


We use Discord to connect with each other. Basically the server is open for everyone, but as a Patron in the "Student"-tier, you get exclusive access to all channels and events. Click here to join the server. If you have any problems, click here.


This calendar shows an overview of upcoming events. You can also subscribe to the events, so you won't miss any livestream or meetup.


I plan to go live on Youtube about twice a month. Here you can find the embedded stream. However, I recommend you to watch it directly on YouTube to also see the chat and to be able to write messages yourself. Cleanly cut recordings of streams that have already been run can be found in the Stream Archive, along with all the associated assets.

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Stream Archive

Recordings of past livestreams can be found here, usually cleanly shortened and with associated code snippets and explanations.

Stream: trustTheProcess(4) – Data Stream

2023-08-03 In this episode I have been looking at String Methods in p5.js, or rather in Javascript. Originally I wanted […]

Stream: trustTheProcess(3) – ASCII Blobs

2023-07-20 Today I share the edit of the third episode of my trustTheProcess() livestreams with you. In it I rebuilt […]

Stream: trustTheProcess(2) – Time in Space

In this livestream from June 22, 2023, I used Processing to develop an interactive, three-dimensional timeline of exemplary historical data […]

Stream: trustTheProcess(1) – Random Composition

In this stream I solved the Random Composition assignment from my Bauhaus Coding Workshop course, which is about distributing three […]

Stream: Vera Molnar Reconstructed

In February and March 2023 I recorded a three-part live stream series in which I reconstruct selected works by the […]

Stream: Digital Reality

A few months ago I did a livestream marathon on Youtube over a period of 5 days. The theme I […]

Stream: Interactive Grid System

Hey! In this recording of my very first YouTube-livestream i explain how to create an interactive visual system with Processing. […]