Video-Portrait by Nils Heck (2021)

Hi! My name is Tim Rodenbröker and I’m an independent design educator building “trcc”, an online learning platform and a community for Creative Coding

New technologies are changing our world at a breathtaking pace and constantly confront us with entirely new challenges. Art and design would have the potential to critically reflect on these developments and offer real alternatives and solutions to this seemingly over-powerful and deterministic development. But unfortunately, we fail to agree on what creative work with technologies should actually mean.

Maybe we already have a conclusive, sustainable solution for this problem. Creative Coding provides a mature, and time-tested foundation for learning and teaching at the intersection of art, design and technology. However, the method is interesting far beyond the infinite spectrum of possible applications, since it can be understood as a school of thought, to foster a more reflected, curious and brave attitude on everyday technology. A question I find important here is: Are we in control of it? Or is it controlling us?

With this project I aim to make the subject of Creative Coding accessible to people in the field of graphic design and beyond. My goal is to develop a solid foundation in the form of a curriculum that makes the key principles tangible and comprehensible. In doing so, I treat the subject in a way that conceptual and aesthetic aspects and potencials are in the main focus.

One of my main goals is to create a distraction free, focused digital learning environment as a counter design to the noisy social media platforms and big and greedy players in the digital education market. That’s why there is no advertising on this website. Instead, the project is funded by a vivid Patreon community.

This project lives from the amazing people who work with my courses. The diverse and globally distributed community of learners and teachers has grown steadily over the course of the last years: Since 2020, more than 2500 people have signed up via Patreon and financially supported the project.

Photos: Juliane Befeld

Selected talks, panels, workshops, curational work, press and exhibitions

I have worked with and for

Slate+Ash, nytimes.com, Lenbachhaus (1), Julia Stoschek Collection (2), ZKM Karlsruhe, CCCB Barcelona (3), Holo Magazine, IBM (4), Springer Science + Business Media, Bauhaus Agenten, DEMO Festival, Festival Aural Mexico City, TwoPoints.Net

(1) with Serve and Volley
(2) with Studio von Monkiewitsch
(3) with TwoPoints.Net
(4) with Swift.co


  • March 2023
    • Elisava
  • Winter 2022/2023
    • University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld
  • Summer 2021
    • Rhine-Waal University
    • HAWK Hildesheim
  • Winter 2020/2021
    • Rhine-Waal University
    – University of applied Sciences Dortmund
    • HAWK Hildesheim
  • Summer 2020
    • Münster School of Design
    • University of applied Sciences Dortmund
    • HAWK Hildesheim
  • Summer 2019
    • University of applied Sciences Dortmund
  • Winter 2018/2019
    • Rhine-Waal University


  • 2019 – 2022
    • Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences
      • Master of Arts (graduated)
      • Digital Media and Experiment
      • Thesis
  • Summer 2019
    • Center of Music and Film Informatics Detmold
      • Master of Arts (not completed)
      • Audiovisual Arts Computing
  • Winter 2010 / 2011
    • IADE Lisbon
      • Erasmus
  • 2008 – 2013
    • Münster School of Design
      • Bachelor of Arts (graduated)
      • Communication Design