Statement on Artificial Intelligence

On this page, you’ll learn about my position on the use of AI and how I use it in developing content for However, I have to take a step back, as the topic can only be adequately explained from a macro perspective.

The boundless use of new, little explored technologies has led to catastrophic damages in the last centuries, which threaten parts of life on our planet today. With so-called artificial intelligence, this problem has grown exponentially within a short period of time. As humans, we now have a responsibility to make sensible decisions far beyond our inner circles in the face of the greatest climatic, political, and technological challenges to protect the systems in which we are living. That means being extremely cautious, especially at this time. As a teacher who introduces young creatives to the use of digital technologies, I have a special responsibility here.

I myself largely refrain from using AI tools in the development of my content, with a few exceptions: I myself have been using the AI-based translator since 2020 to translate a large part of my texts from German into English. On the other hand, I refrain from generating images and text with AI tools when creating my content. There are a few exceptions of articles where the experimentation with these tools was the main focus for me. In these cases, I have marked the content accordingly.