Welcome to the elearning-area!

Since 2018 i am teaching creative programming in a wide range of different enviroments, continously seeking for the best way to serve an inspirational and effective learning-experience.

I’ve decided to share my educational content on this page, because i believe that it is very useful for many people around the globe, learning and teaching technology in the realms of art and design.

This section is still in a very early stage: The courses are not finished yet and i am happy to hear your opinions and ideas about their structure and content. I am planning to release premium-courses in 2020, because i have dozens of ideas for new content.

If you like what you find on this page i would love to encourage you to support my hard work on this project by buying one of the premium courses once they are available.

Thank you and enjoy!



28. September 2019

Programming Posters

Creative Coding in the realms of Graphic Design

19. July 2019

creative coding essentials

A strong foundation for beginners. Coming 2020!