“Algorithmic Adventures” at Elisava


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Showreel of Algorithmic Adventures at INTL 2022

Hi and welcome to my month-long Algorithmic Adventures workshop at Elisava! My goal is to familiarize you with the possibilities of programming in the realms of graphic design in a total of 8 sessions. By the end of this workshop, you will understand the universal basics of programming and, most importantly, you will have developed a free project to showcase these skills.

Algorithmic Adventures is a workshop format I developed specifically for larger groups at design academies. It aims to help each student, based on their existing skills, resources and interests, to master the steep initial learning curve in programming through an experimental project. Ideally, after the workshop, you will be able to continue your learning path into new exiting territories.

The brief

In this workshop I will give you few formal parameters: A color scheme and a set of fonts. These rules must be strictly respected, as the goal is to present a coherent visual set of project results as a group at the end. However, you are completely free in terms of content and theme. You can work with kinetic typography, with flexible visual systems or with abstract compositions. More concrete themes, sketches for visual identities or the orchestration of existing information are also conceivable. The only important thing is that the formal parameters are strictly adhered to.


color grey = #AAAAAA;
color black = #000000;
color purple = #4E32A9;
color yellow = #FBEC5D;




Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

  • Project development

Week 4

  • Project development
  • Presentations


Questions and Answers

Do you have technical problems and can’t get further at a certain point? We can talk about it during the workshop sessions. If you need help outside of that, you can also post your problem on the Discord server. You will get feedback either from me or from other members of the community. Just post your question in the channel #coding-questions.

Work submission

Please submit your work here.

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