Coding Systems: New Workshop Dates!

Published by Tim on Thursday February 8, 2024

When I held Martin Lorenz’s new book in my hands and turned it onto its back, I was a little proud to see my testemonial on it. It said: “This is the book that bridges the gap between classic graphic design and coded design.“ The sentence made Martin and I wonder and inspired many intense discussions, because it touches a wide spread problem: The gap between technology and creativity in applied design is often and on many levels a significant threat. It not only leads to failed projects, bad compromises and a lot of frustration, but also to extremely limited thinking on the part of everyone involved. The solution is to agree on a common terminology and methodology. This is where the intersection of Creative Coding and Flexible Visual Systems can make a strong contribution.

Now it’s official: Martin and I have founded a small studio where we plan to do two things: Developing flexible visual identities and offer workshops for designers and coders.

In November 2023, we had the opportunity to conduct our first workshop at beautiful PAU in Barcelona with a diverse group of 10 designers. Since it was a full success, we decided to do this now on a regular rhythm, every two months.

The next workshop will take place online on February 24th and 25th. We hope to see you there! Click here to sign up!


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