My new writing project “downgrade” is live

Published by Tim on Wednesday February 7, 2024

Last modified on April 22nd, 2024 at 13:53

Hey folks,

I hope you are doing great!

You may have already read one or two of my essays that I have posted on my blog and maybe you even noticed that some of them are not really related to Creative Coding, which is ultimately the uverarching topic of this website. Some examples are my essay on AI, which I wrote after taking part in a discussion panel on the topic in Prague. Other texts dealt with repairing computers, others with “digital gardening”. Here’s a more or less complete list:

Over the last few years, I’ve increasingly felt that these essays don’t really fit into the website, which shall be very focused on the topic of Creative Coding. I just like it when things are tidy and sometimes I even had the feeling that my writing process felt block to a certain extent because I always wanted to make sure that I didn’t stray too far from the core..

As writing has become increasingly important to me, I made the decision to launch a separate website. A few months have passed since then. The question that then arose was what to call it. I thought about it for a really long time and through this process I also became clearer about what exactly it should be about. Now I know: My new blog still has to do with technology, but I want to zoom out with my texts and reflect more on a philosophical level. I’m interested in how we can develop an attitude towards technology that isn’t constantly shaken by breaking news in these times when we’re rushing from hypecycle to hypecycle. I have developed such an attitude over the last few years and the process has been incredibly enriching for me. I have collected a lot of material, spoken to many exciting people, made completely new contacts and compiled a long list of topics that I would like to turn into texts in the future. These texts will be published here in the future:

A few days ago I posted my first essay there, it is an article about the notion of “Low Technology”:

On my main website, I will be focusing even more closely on the topic of Creative Coding in future. I am convinced that the clear separation will be very good for both projects.

Sending warm greets from Barcelona!



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