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Published by Tim on Wednesday June 14, 2023

Last modified on July 19th, 2023 at 11:33

Once again, I had the honor of illustrating an article for the New York Times that I myself am very interested in: The essay is about a growing security risk in encryption technologies that were previously thought to be secure.

For the visual, we conceptually had two opposing layers of imagery in mind: The theme of privacy had to be brought together with the theme of surveillance. For this, we picked a sketch from my Instagram feed that merges multiple motifs and conveys a strong computer and data aesthetic. The choice of image motifs ultimately fell on some private photos from my family album and the symbolic image of an eye in black and white as a proxy for the surveillance theme.

It always surprises me how efficiently projects run that have an existing visual as a basic idea. This shortens the usually very time-consuming ideation process and the client knows from the beginning roughly what the end result will be.

Huge thanks to Rebecca Chew for the great collaboration! The children’s photos were all taken by my father (Hans Rodenbröker).

here’s the link to the article


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