Key visual for Slate + Ash’s new software instrument

Published by Tim on Wednesday November 23, 2022

Last modified on April 5th, 2024 at 17:15


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Together with Lena Weber I created the promo video for Slate + Ash’s brand new software synth called Choreographs.

The instrument combines digital variance and flexibility with an analog feel, while interpreting sound design as a combination of dynamic sequences. The visual translation of this product is a grid system programmed in Processing that can be animated frame by frame. Just like the synth, it is a digital tool, but one that must be manually operated by a human to realize its creative potential. When a tile is clicked, it changes its content and Processing saves a frame. In this way, small-scale and very complex as well as simple animations can be created.

Just like “CHOREOGRAPHS” we work with samples, only visually. Natural structures, circles, triangles, squares and different color palettes curated by Slate + Ash. The system is very limited, and although we had worked in limited systems so many times before, we were surprised again how much freedom can be found in the system without leaving it, although sometimes this can be tempting. Behind the final product is a huge collection of videos that explore the limits of the system in different directions. Looking back, the process behind the final video was similar to that of a music track, trial and error, refining, breaking out of the system, discarding, returning to the system, and so on, until finally arriving at a coherent final product.

Lena Weber

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