PCD2021 – Dr. Martin Lorenz

Published by Tim on Tuesday August 24, 2021

Last modified on January 25th, 2024 at 14:07


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Around 2007 I first came into contact with the work of Martin Lorenz and his studio TwoPoints.Net, which he runs together with his wife Lupi. Especially the flexible visual identities for cultural brands of TwoPoints fascinated me at that time and also strengthened my decision to study graphic design. At some point I came into contact with Martin by chance and since a few months we maintain an intensive, regular exchange. Like me, Martin is a passionate educator and with his dissertation on Flexible Visual Identities he has created an enormously interesting theoretical foundation for modern teaching in communication design, which ideally complements Creative Coding. In September 2021, his book Flexible Visual Systems will be published at Slanted Publishers.

In his talk he talks about this theory and how he implements this approach in his studio.

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