Workshop “Collision” at Abk Stuttgart

Published by Tim on Wednesday April 19, 2023

Last modified on January 25th, 2024 at 14:06


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In April 2023 I held a workshop at the AbK Stuttgart, which worked super well and was great fun. I did a few things differently this time and instead of starting from scratch, I tried to give the students a perspective on what is actually possible with Creative Coding.

The brief was quite simple: The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York provides a gigantic archive of images from historical works of art on under the public domain license. The students selected material from this archive and used it to make digital collages with Processing during the 3 days of the workshop. For this they had access to my online courses and could work and experiment with the code snippets available there.

My goal was to create a glimpse and show what is possible in the first phase of the learning process in Creative Coding.

Thanks to all the students, organizers and workshop leaders. It was a great experience!

Students: Kai Steinstraesser, Yannick Schroth, Lily Bauerle, Christian Müller, Richard Parmentier, Linus Geiss, Marc Roecker, Maximilian Heidenreich, Theresa Kolb, Clara van Handel, Natalie Kienle, Sophie Kraft, Nicolai Zeiher, Ha Phuong Tran, Luis Otterbeck, Robert Wenzel.

The photo above shows the crew: Anna Breit, Lucienne Roberts, Golnar Kat, Harriet Richardson, Markus Wichmann, Ann Richter, Ulrike Myrzik, Gerwin Schmidt, Rejane Dal Bello, Uli Cluss


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