Julia Stoschek Collection

The Julia Stoschek Collection is one of the most important international private archives of contemporary art.

Together with Studio von Monkiewitsch from Cologne, I planned and coordinated the design and technical implementation of Julia Stoschek’s digital video art archive over a period of more than two years. I was the link between the client, the design team and the development team.

The website was basically planned as a single-page application to interactively reproduce the mechanics of archive cabinets. This required an intensive research phase of several weeks to clarify to what extent a modern web browser can be used across platforms for the unusual user interface.

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Published by Tim on Tuesday March 16, 2021


22. February 2021

La Luz Negra

Custom design-software for CCCB Barcelona

15. April 2020

The New York Times

Generative Illustrations

1. August 2019


A prototype for a browser-based design-application, built with p5.js and vue.js.

9. June 2019


A time in space-experience

23. November 2018

Programming Posters

Creative Coding in the realms of Graphic Design

8. August 2018

The Bach-Project

Generative visuals made from the “Prelude in C” by Johann Sebastian Bach.

11. June 2018

Crazy Cool Developers

A community for experimental front-end-development with more than 2000 members

4. April 2017


A computer-generated music video, built for the PSD-Medienfassade