Published by Tim on Sunday June 9, 2019

Last modified on June 21st, 2022 at 18:52

What kind of a time is this that I’m living in? Which are the most important events that shaped the way i live, think and act? How did the world change from 1985 until today?


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“Lifeline” is a prototype for a generative time-visualization. Through this project i began to build a catalogue of events that had influence on my life, both from a global and a personal perspective. This catalogue can be utilized as a data-source in future projects.

From a technical perspective, the application is based on a headless-CMS-architecture. A WordPress-site stores all the data, a complex algorithm built with Java fetches the data from the REST API and transforms it into an appropriate format. The visualization is built with Processing.

To manage the posts and to get an overview of the data i’ve already added to the API. i’ve built a custom backend with PHP and WordPress.

Technologies: WordPress (Headless / REST API), Advanced Custom Fields Pro, Processing, IntelliJ IDEA, VideoExport Library by Abe Pazos


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