A mockup-design-tool built with Processing

Published by Tim on Thursday November 18, 2021

Last modified on September 25th, 2023 at 22:44

Mockups can be used to effectively simulate and visualize graphic design applications. i’ve been using this technique for years to showcase ideas and how they work in urban environments.


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I’ve been experimenting a lot with open source design tools for a few years now. I find the idea of breaking away from dependencies on big players like Adobe or Apple and exploring the multiplicity of unusual solutions exciting. For my animated mockups, I tried various open source software (Natron and Blender) and quickly reached their limits. Both solutions are too complex for my simple use case and would have required quite a few more hours of learning.

So I decided to develop my own tool with Processing. The first prototype took me a few hours of development time. I intentionally designed the tool with many constraints and wanted to position the motifs only flat and in color on black and white photographs found on unsplash.com. This was a conscious choice and with a little effort it could definitely be refined. For me it was also an aesthetic decision. In this way the result looks honest: it doesn’t even try to look as if it were real. The tool in this case is therefore also the design system.


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