Julia Stoschek Collection

Published by on Friday April 10, 2020

Last modified on November 8th, 2022 at 22:46

The Julia Stoschek Collection (JSC) is one of the world’s most important and comprehensive private collections of time-based art, dedicated to the public presentation, advancement, conservation, and scholarship of media and performance practices.


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Together with Studio von Monkiewitsch (Creative Direction), Studio Michael Pichler (Creative Direction) and Christian Trick (Frontend / Backend) i have developed a new website featuring an open digital archive as an online research tool for the public.


Processing and p5.js compared


A brief history of Processing and p5.js

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New course out now: Grid Systems


A brief research on grid systems


Essential tips for designers who want to learn to code

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Four essential Principles in any Programming Language

Tutorials unlisted Writings

Student Journey – with Lily Montague


Curating the DESIGN IN MOTION Festival 2022