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Published by on Saturday November 21, 2020

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Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that my course Typemachines is finally recorded completely and ready to enroll!

Communication design is changing at a rapid pace: Media is becoming even faster, more digital and above all more modular. Design systems have long since entered everyday life and bless the job of the designer with many new creative possibilities. At the same time, this new world brings a large piece of complexity back into play. Curse or blessing?

Kinetic typography has been an absolute trend topic for some time now and is being thought forward on many fronts. Of course, there are many questions, as typography must be interpreted beyond static, printed surfaces. Studios like Dia have been setting standards and pushing the boundaries for years.

Creative Coding is an enormously versatile tool for kinetic typography and, in contrast to GUI tools such as After Effects, for example, has decisive advantages.

In my new basic course Typemachines, I will highlight the most important techniques for working with text and typography in Processing. I will also show many best practices that I have developed in my work as a creative coder over the last years.

I hope you enjoy it!


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