Programming Posters

The printed poster, the major medium for visual communication in public space for centurys, experiences fundamental transformations. The „Poster 2.0“ is much more than a surface with type, colors and images on it: It is an interactive application, animated, audible, data driven and intermedial. It involves all senses and disciplines. And it melts together graphic design with cutting edge technologies.

Designer and educator Tim Rodenbröker teaches Generative Design at Rhine-Waal University in Germany. To prepare his recent course titled „Programming Posters“, he developed more than 40 generative design-systems to showcase the visual possibilities of algorithmic graphic design.

The parameters of the posters are controllable with an iPad-application. Sliders and toggles are linked to selected parameters in the design-system, like size, intensity, font-weight etc…

featured projects

La Luz Negra

Custom design-software for CCCB Barcelona

The Bach-Project

Generative visuals made from the “Prelude in C” by Johann Sebastian Bach.


An interactive music experience for the web-browser

Crazy Cool Developers

A community for experimental front-end-development with more than 2000 members

The Grid

An experimental web-application, displaying news from the New York Times archive

Tonboutique Designer

A custom cover-design-software for Tonboutique Records

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