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After more than 7 months of experimentation, planning and creating i am finally abled to release a first Alpha-version of my brand new course “Creative Coding Essentials”. I have decided to open the first chunk of videos to the world, because i believe that the current Corona-crisis is a great oppurtunity to get started with something new!

The course addresses creatives and aims to deliver a smooth and straightforward entrance into the fascinating and bright world of creative coding.

Additionally i have outlined more than 5-10 courses that i will hopefully be abled to record in the next months and years. As you can imagine, this is a highly expensive issue. But because i want to enable as many people as possible to get into the pleasure of this course worldwide, i’ve decided to release the first courses for free to anyone.

I would like to invite you to support me through my brand new Patreon-page, where i will add premium-features soon. Please help me building this community!

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Now i wish you success and great fun with my course! I hope that it will guide you the way through the fascinating, unexplored territories of creative coding.


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Published by Tim on Sunday March 15, 2020

Last modified on May 8th, 2020 at 17:37


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