Today i’ve started a YouTube-channel

Published by on Tuesday December 11, 2018

Last modified on November 8th, 2022 at 22:58

To me, programming means much more than just writing code. It is a way to create invaluable opportunities, to connect with amazing people and to realize the full potential of creativity. 

The skill of programming had a deep impact in my life. In 2017 i’ve founded a company which today engages developers with fantastic skills to work for a wide range of highly interesting clients. I had the chance to speak at prestigious conferences and share my experiences. All these things happened, because I’ve discovered „creative coding“ as my personal obsession. 

I think about this idea since a long time. During my “Programming Posters”-project i received lots of questions about the concept and the code. That’s why i start this YouTube-channel today. 

Click here to open the channel

Yes, there are many other channels out there. For me the tutorials by Daniel Shiffman opened a gate to a gigantic new universe. By the way: Thank you Dan! You’re the best! But while teaching creative coding at Rhine-Waal University i realized a problem: The videos do not explicitly address designers and artists, who work on larger conceptual projects, who care about typography, design-thinking, aesthetics. And it also does not deliver enough questions about the “why?”, how it can be used in real projects, in the daily business of design and art. 

I want to fill this gap. And i want to inspire more people to learn the priceless skill of programming. To hack the world. To liberate from the giant software-companies. 

Have fun!



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