VideoPortrait by Nils Heck

Published by on Tuesday April 13, 2021

Last modified on November 8th, 2022 at 22:46


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Hi there, i am incredibly happy to be able to share this brand new video portrait about me and my platform with you by artist, photographer and videographer Nils Heck. Working with him was an amazing experience and i am tremendously happy with the result and very grateful for his efforts on this project!

I also wanna thank my dear friend Lukas Schlaffke who always supports me with spontaneous feedback and help on all things sound- and music-related. He’s working as a freelance web-developer and Creative Coder based in Leipzig.

And of course i want to thank my patrons, supporters, friends and sparring-partners. Without you i would never be able to do this.

Much love!



Hi, my name is Tim and i build a community and an online-learning-platform for Creative Coding. We have this incredible gap between creativity and technology. There’s a great need for people working in this intersection. Not just in the economy: Depicting and questioning the digital is an especially important and exciting field in the arts. I help young people becoming “Creative Technologists”. Those who are often traumatized through uninspiring and misleading courses for programming. Breaking this barrier reveals a world of unexplored territories.


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