Creative Coding as a Method

Note: This article is also available in German. Vom Kleinen zum Großen 2011: On my first day as an assistant […]

Creative Coding as a Chance

Note: This article is also available in German. Odyssey One of my most distinctive character traits is probably my enthusiasm […]

Interview – Masters of Many Podcast

Giacomo Bastianelli is currently doing his master’s degree in type design from écal in Lausanne. His final thesis research project […]

An ode to the Gif

I’m pretty unhappy with the social media we creatives use today. The big platforms give us very convenient tools to […]

Lily Montague on learning Creative Coding

Say hi to the amazing @lily__montague ! They study Creative Computing and Design in London (here) and have been in […]

Digital Reality

A few months ago I did a livestream marathon on Youtube over a period of 5 days. The theme I […]

A conversation with Yehwan Song

Yehwan Song‘s mindblowing ex­peri­mental web­sites move between art and design and con­sis­tent­ly break familiar patterns in the inter­action and functionality […]

Spotlight: André Burnier

A few weeks ago I got in touch with André Burnier, who has been wowing people with great typographic creative […]

Reflections on my master-studies

January 2022. It’s my birthday and I’m meeting my longtime friend Patrik Hübner for dinner. We ordered Indian food and […]

We need a sustainable perspective on life with technology

A short but beautiful text titled The universe gives me everything? on a friends blog made me think of what […]

A conversation with Sander Sturing

What are the use cases for creative coding in the development of visual identities? How does the workflow look like? […]

2021 was my year of liberation

Dear Patreon-community, 2021 started with tremendous challenges. Besides my job as a web developer, where a massive project for an […]

Spotlight: Madame Robot

I remember very happy the time when I started with Creative Coding. In 2014/2015, from my perspective back then, there […]

I challenged Daniel Shiffman and here’s his response

This year I donated $700 to the Processing Foundation to support people who care about the development of the projects. […]

A mockup-design-tool built with Processing

Mockups can be used to effectively simulate and visualize graphic design applications. i’ve been using this technique for years to […]

How to write a simple HTML-Document

Hi folks! ☀️🖐️ I hope you are doing well! For a few months now I’ve been working on the question […]

Processing Community Day 2021 Recap

It was a sunny day in June 2021 when I got a message from Casey Reas on Instagram asking if […]

Rhythm Studies

This session shows a possible solution for the assignment Rhythm Studies from my course Bauhaus Coding Workshop.