Lowtech Painting Machine

A few months ago I made a small app that allows you to create image collages with some kind of […]

Marcus Aurelius Meditations

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, I have been more and more interested in the history of ancient philosophy. […]

A conversation with Soyun Park

I met Soyun, a creative technologist from South Korea at a party hosted by Vera van de Seyp in Rotterdam, […]

A spontaneous Creative Coding meetup in Barcelona

Update 2023-7-11: Wow, I really need to apologize to a few people here, because I unknowingly just took their place. […]

Stream: Vera Molnar Reconstructed

In February and March 2023 I recorded a three-part live stream series in which I reconstruct selected works by the […]

A conversation with Yannick Gregoire

About a year ago I stumbled upon Yannick Gregoire’s profile on Instagram and was immediately fascinated by his work. Later, […]

Talk at Elisava w/ livestream

I am very much looking forward to my talk tomorrow at Elisava. I will speak about my journey and perspekctives […]

Martin and I as guests at TAAALKS

Artificial intelligence is now having the big breakthrough: Dalle2 and ChatGPT have given us a small glimpse in recent months […]

New course draft: Molnar Reconstructed

Dear people, greetings from beautiful Barcelona. I’m here for the second week now and have met some great people in […]

Hybrid Curriculum: Mission accomplished!

A few months ago I already teased you that the whole curriculum is currently being translated to p5.js. Now it’s […]

Lena Weber on Ambiguous Aesthetics

In this post I’d like to introduce you to Lena Weber, who has helped me tremendously with the translation of […]

Interview with flexiblevisualsystems.info

A few weeks ago I published this interview I did with Martin Lorenz. Now he turns the tables and publishes […]

On Systems

From Martin Lorenz I got into lots of exciting literature about systems. One might think that this is a totally […]

Looking back at 2022

How do you begin an annual review of the year 2022? Normally, I don’t comment on current events because it’s […]

Martin Lorenz on the intersection of Creative Coding and Flexible Visual Systems

About two years ago I invited one of my early design heros, Martin Lorenz, for an online talk. Since that […]

DEMO Festival 2022 was a blast

This year I had the honor to be part of the DEMO Festival as a curator. It was a super […]

Key visual for Slate + Ash’s new software instrument

Together with Lena Weber I created the promo video for Slate + Ash’s brand new software synth called Choreographs. The […]