Martin Lorenz on the intersection of Creative Coding and Flexible Visual Systems

About two years ago I invited one of my early design heros, Martin Lorenz, for an online talk. Since that […]

DEMO Festival 2022 was a blast

This year I had the honor to be part of the DEMO Festival as a curator. It was a super […]

Key visual for Slate + Ash’s new software instrument

Together with Lena Weber I created the promo video for Slate + Ash’s brand new software synth called Choreographs. The […]

Generative portraits for IBM

Some of you may know that I have a split relationship with Instagram. Still, even though I often find myself […]

Project “Hybrid Curriculum”

For the current semester, I have accepted a small teaching assignment for Creative Coding again after a long time. This […]

Getting started with Processing

Please note: This blogpost is currently in development While in p5.js there is a relatively confusing array of ways to […]

Ohne den Hype Podcast

Heute schreibe ich mal einen deutschen Blogpost: Ich hatte die große Ehre, bei Sven Jürgensmeier im Podcast “Ohne den Hype” […]

Entering the World Wide Web

In this day and age, as creatives, we are highly dependent on the tools that social media provides us. Instagram, […]

Form follows Music: The Bach-Project

Generative visuals made from the "Prelude in C" by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Three ways to work with p5.js

When the first alpha release of p5.js appeared in July 2014, it kicked off a hugely important development for the […]

Processing or p5.js – Which is the better language for beginners?

The range of Creative Coding languages and frameworks is enormous and often confusing at the beginning. With this blogpost I […]

Llum Negra / La Luz Negra / Black Light

Custom design-software for CCCB Barcelona

A conversation with Stig Møller Hansen

Stig Møller Hansen is not just a super cool person everyone should know, but also a senior associate professor at […]

Creative Coding as a School of Thought

Our world is changing at a breathtaking pace. Technological progress is continuously leading to significant transformations. It is high time […]

What is Creative Coding?

Note: This article is also available in German language. The world’s largest computer museum in provincial Paderborn sends hundreds of […]

Creative Coding as an Experience

Note: This article is also available in German. In 2014, my friends Lukas Schlaffke, Patrik Hübner and I packed a […]

Building a digital painting studio from scratch with Processing

A few weeks ago I met the German artist Arno Beck, whose work I find absolutely great. Arno is a […]

Workshop at International Assembly

Last week (June 2022) I gave a three-day workshop at International Assembly and it was really really cool. The organization […]