Lily Montague on learning Creative Coding

Say hi to the amazing @lily__montague ! They study Creative Computing and Design in London (here) and have been in […]

A conversation with Yehwan Song

Yehwan Song‘s mindblowing ex­peri­mental web­sites move between art and design and con­sis­tent­ly break familiar patterns in the inter­action and functionality […]

Spotlight: André Burnier

A few weeks ago I got in touch with André Burnier, who has been wowing people with great typographic creative […]

A conversation with Sander Sturing

What are the use cases for creative coding in the development of visual identities? How does the workflow look like? […]

Spotlight: Madame Robot

I remember very happy the time when I started with Creative Coding. In 2014/2015, from my perspective back then, there […]

Processing Community Day 2021 – the recordings

On August 21, to celebrate Processing’s 20th anniversary, I streamed an online event: The “Processing Community Day 2021”. The whole […]

PCD2021 – Sander Sturing

If you look around the branding and design scene on the internet and social media, you’re most likely to come […]

Q&A with Casey Reas

A few months ago I dreamed of talking to Casey Reas, one of the two masterminds behind Processing, about the […]

PCD2021 – Dr. Martin Lorenz

Around 2007 I first came into contact with the work of Martin Lorenz and his studio TwoPoints.Net, which he runs […]

PCD2021 – Vera van de Seyp

In my perception, Vera plays a key role in the Creative Coding scene. On the one hand, her work is […]

PCD2021 – Patrik Hübner

Patrik has been my close companion for many years. Not only do we live in the same city, but we […]

Two Perspectives – Episode 3

Hello friends! Not only from my own experience, but also from years of teaching at different universities, I know how […]

Out now: The TWO PERSPECTIVES Podcast

For 7 years Patrik and I have maintained an intense friendship. Not only because we like each other, but also […]

Constants & Variables

A few months ago, Philip Jursch and Dogu Kaya interviewed me for their Master Thesis titled “Constants & Variables” at […]

Interview with HOMEBOUND

Cihan Tamti is a close friend, a former student and one an extraordinary creative talent. He constantly works on a […]