A spontaneous Creative Coding meetup in Barcelona

Published by Tim on Wednesday March 22, 2023

Last modified on January 25th, 2024 at 14:06

Update 2023-7-11: Wow, I really need to apologize to a few people here, because I unknowingly just took their place. There was already a meetup called Creative Coding Barcelona before my event and with this landing page here I made sure it came up second on Google, which should have caused a lot of confusion. I will now contact the organizers and clarify this. Sorry for the confusion!



When I decided to spend a few months in Barcelona and work from there, I knew it was going to be a very special, adventurous experience. One of the first things I did to get to know new people was an Instagram post in which I presented the idea of organizing a Creative Coding Meetup. In no time I had started a WhatsApp group, which soon had more than 40 people not only looking forward to the event, but actively helping to organize it. Felix Martinez, the technical director of the international design agency B-Reel and by now a good friend, offered directly to let the event take place in the new office of the agency. And so the whole thing turned into two unforgettable evenings with many new contacts, great conversations and tons of inspiration.

As speakers we had great people as guests, among others Lena Weber, who came all the way from Germany, Monica Losada and Henry Rodwell.

Many thanks to all who participated!

Lena Weber


int tilesX = 2;
int tilesY = 2;
float tileW, tileH;
Tile[][] tiles;
float speed = 2;
color C1, C2, C3, C4;

boolean showTypo = false;

PGraphics pg;

PShape typo;

PFont F;

void setup() {
  size(1920, 1080);
  typo = loadShape("typo.svg");


void draw() {

  shape(typo, 0, -10, width, width);

  for (int x = 0; x < tilesX; x++) {
    for (int y = 0; y < tilesY; y++) {
      Tile T = tiles[x][y];
      float wav = map(tan(radians(frameCount + x*10 + y*10)), -1, 1, -10, 10);
      wav = 0;

  //if (frameCount % 60 == 0) {
  //  randomize();

  if (showTypo) {
    shape(typo, 0, -10, width, width);

void randomize() {
  tilesX = int(random(1, random(12)));
  tilesY = int(random(1, random(12)));

  tileW = int(ceil(width / tilesX));
  tileH = int(ceil(height / tilesY));

  tiles = new Tile[int(tileW)][int(tileH)];

  for (int x = 0; x < tilesX; x++) {
    for (int y = 0; y < tilesY; y++) {
      tiles[x][y] = new Tile(x, y);

  showTypo = !showTypo;

void setColorTheme() {
  int selector = int(random(2));

  switch(selector) {
  case 0:
    C1 = #F05423;
    C2 = #0754A4;


  case 1:
    C2 = #F05423;
    C1 = #0754A4;


class Tile {
  color FG, BG;

  int tileSelector;
  int imageSelector;

  PImage img;
  int colorSelector;

  float phase;
  float x, y;
  float offsetX = random(-200, 200);
  float offsetY = random(-200, 200);

  Tile(int _x, int _y) {

    colorSelector = int(random(1, 3));
    tileSelector = int(random(1, 5));
    imageSelector = int(random(1, 27));

    phase = random(360);

    x = _x;
    y = _y;

    FG = C1;
    BG = C2;

    img = loadImage(imageSelector + ".jpg");
    img.resize(2000, 0);

    pg = createGraphics(int(ceil(tileW)), int(ceil(tileH)));

  void display(float phase) {

    if (tileSelector == 1) {
      float wave = tan(radians(frameCount * speed + phase)) * 50;
      pg.translate(pg.width/2 + wave + offsetX, pg.height/2 + offsetY);
      pg.image(img, 0, 0);

    if (tileSelector == 2) {
      pg.ellipse(0, 0, tileW, tileW);

    if (tileSelector == 3) {
      float wave = sin(radians(frameCount * speed + phase)) * 500;
      pg.translate(pg.width/2 + wave + offsetX, pg.height/2 + offsetY);
      pg.image(img, 0, 0);

    if (tileSelector == 4) {
      pg.ellipse(0, 0, tileW/2, tileW/2);

    image(pg, x*tileW + phase, y*tileH);


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