Processing Community Day 2021 Recap

It was a sunny day in June 2021 when I got a message from Casey Reas on Instagram asking if I would host an event with my community to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Processing programming language. I was totally delighted that Casey had me on his radar and immediately started planning. What was special about this event was that it would not only celebrate the anniversary, but also a major rebranding of the Processing Foundation brand, as well as the release of the long-awaited version 4 of Processing.

I wrote a comprehensive article about the event, which has now been published on the Processing Foundation’s official Medium channel. It also links to all the videos.

Processing Community Day 2021

Watch Patrik’s talk
Watch Vera’s talk
Watch Martin’s talk
Watch the Q&A with Casey
Watch Sander’s talk

Published by Tim on Tuesday November 9, 2021


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